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Circuit Breaker Installation

Circuit breakers were a groundbreaking innovation in electrical technology, offering safety and easy repair to millions of home and business owners.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Anybody who’s struggled with blown fuses and the frustrating handiwork of replacing those little plugs knows what an improvement circuit breakers are.

Electric Panel Repair

Electric panel controls your home or business’s entire electrical system. So if your electric panel needs repairs, it’s important to find a reliable contractor.

Electric Panels

You depend on your electrical setup to keep you comfortable, productive, and entertained. And at the heart of your electrical system is your electric panel.

Electrical Designs

Residential and commercial residence depend on an electrical setup; and choosing the right electrical team is a vital part of any construction or renovation project.

General Electrician

Specialty Electric is locally owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on delivering great service to the members of our community.


If you’re searching for Yuma, AZ, generator companies, come to Specialty Electric. Our knowledgeable staff will lead you to an affordable generator to suit your needs.

Exterior Lighting

Your exterior lighting can do more than just showcase your property; it can also make it a safer, more comfortable place.

Lighting Intallation

Your lighting plays an essential role in keeping your business or home comfortable and functional.